Every organization’s reputation could depend on how you perform every aspect of any given task. And the employee needs to optimize their work on time by doing more in a given period. Here FSM solution can help to bring some benefits to you, to the customer, and to the employee.


Managing whole on-field work on a single application

The manager is going to take whole responsibility for the work from the single application. It will be so flexible for the manager to assign the task, manage the works, the status of the work, to maintain attendance, sharing of some common information, etc. They don’t need to move from one place to another place to gather work status.

Best tracing of the employee

Geo-fencing is inbuilt in the FSM application so the manager can easily trace the employee presence, absence, time duration of the work, and where the employee is currently working.

Engage with multiple sites at a time

The manager will be engaged with a lot of work at a time.FSM application will manage a lot of site work at the time. So the manager will hold multiple site work at a time by scheduling to different employees.

Status and report details

After every work, the employee will update the status. So no issues for the manager to know the details. Up-to-date information is accessed by the manager about the work status.


  • Mobile Access

    Mobile is a portable device, so it will be easier to gather any information relevant to the work assigned to the technician. The work schedule will be available on the app present on the mobile. So at any time, we can clarify the doubts related to the work assigned.

  • Knowledge base

    Quick and easy access to accumulated, shared knowledge is another benefit of an effective field service management solution. The gathered information can be shared among the workers in the field.

  • Travel Time Reduction

    The work schedule is done by using the mobile Field Service Management app, so the employee can view their schedule updating from the mobile. So time travel to gather the work and submitting the work is minimized.

  • Workflow standardization

    In the field service management, it allows the workflow standardization to be in a perfect manner from dispatching to reporting. so the workflow will be in a sequential manner to complete the work.

  • Getting rid of papers

    Excel is one of the ways to structure and keep the information, as it doesn’t provide some real-time dispatching work.FMS software allows the elimination of papers and that prevents data loss and duplicate entries.

  • Dynamic scheduling and the ability to take the task

    GPS system allows the team head to schedule the work to the staff that is nearby the client site. So the employee will be more flexible to move towards the client place.

  • Cost Reduction and Route Optimization

    Here the traveling time of the employee will be reduced because the company will schedule the job for the workers who are nearby the client area and the traveling time between the workplace and office is totally minimized.

    GPS system is used in the FSM application so it always gives the shortest path for the employee to reach the destination.