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Dashboard Software

Get total oversight of your field service business and monitor services, financial performances, business operations, and your team all in real-time.

Get 360 View of Your Field Operations At One Place 

With an Intuitive Field Service Dashboard and Reporting Software

Reduce service resolution time and increase strategic decision-making in your field service business with the implementation of a robust Field Service Management (FSM) dashboard. Easy Field Services field dashboard serves as a central hub, offering real-time visibility into your field operations, including the instantaneous tracking of the service status, client details, equipment and staff all at one place. Convert your field service data into actionable intelligence with Easy Field Services. This level of visibility equips you to respond quickly to changing situations, optimizing resource allocation and improving overall service responsiveness. Create a personalized and intuitive dashboard experience with our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for customizable user-defined dashboards.

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Performance Analytics

Elevate your field service management with comprehensive performance analytics embedded in our dashboard and reporting software. Gain valuable insights into key metrics such as service resolution and first time fixed rates.

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Response and Resolution Time

Measure the time taken by field agents to respond to service requests and the time required to resolve issues, helping in improving overall responsiveness. Analyze the root causes of delays and bottlenecks in the service process to implement targeted improvements.

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Task Completion Rates

Analyze the rates at which field tasks and work orders are completed to assess overall productivity and identify potential bottlenecks. Foster proactive approach to resolving challenges and achieve new level of operational excellence

Maximize Your Service First-Time-Fixes With an End to End 

Dashboard and Field Service Reporting software

Data At a Glance

Start your day with real-time insights into your business. Instantly grasp the statuses of work orders, monitor field agents’ check-in and check-out times all with a glance.

Dynamic Interface

Drill down into detailed information on pending orders, edit service orders, and convert it to quotations for faster billing with a modern field service dashboard.

Status of Workflow

Get a quick status of your service orders, navigate to the particular service tasks directly from the dashboard screen and monitor service workflow right from order pending to order processing.

Status Dashboard

Dashboard in the field service management provides a status of your workflow at every stage. You can quickly drill down to the particular jobs directly from the dashboard screen and quit the job soon from the dashboard in the field service management.

Time-In and Time-Out

Infield service management will show the attendance and timesheet of an employee working hours from the details of check-in and check-out of the site’s staff.

Send Estimates and Invoice

With multi-user access to the online invoice, the staff members can create invoices, enter their time sheet, and add various expenses. You can track the business process quickly and can view some historical logs of all individual members.

Increase In Workforce Utilization
Uptick In Order Completion Rates
Decrease In Response Time

How Easy Field Services Dashboard Made an Impact 

In Your Field Team Workforce Dynamics

Understand And Evaluate Your Assets And Workforce

Viewing real time information of your service assets right across your working environment enables you to evaluate your workforce and your assets for a higher assets up time. 

Drive Continuous Improvement

With detailed visibility of the delivery of services, field business owners can identify service trends and potential areas for improvement to stay ahead of the competition.

Improve Client Engagement

Ensure your clients are receiving the standard of service they expect. Through analysis and continuous monitoring of your service order status at one place. 

Benefits of Our Dashboard and Field Service Reporting Software


The dashboard is customized to present the most valuable and useful set of information. It displays the level of detail that they need in order to get your job done to achieve your goals.


The dashboard makes it easier to spend less amount of time for time reviewing and analyzing different reports to end the works ultimately expediting task completion.

Mobile Device Access

Dashboard can be supported in all kinds of devices and it will be reached at everywhere for everyone with the most relevant information. Equip your team with crucial information to make informed decisions.

Visual Representation

The basic requirement in field service reporting software is good visualization of data to make understand it in a single look. Easy Field Services Dashboard gives close attention to the data structure.

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