Real Time Field Service Team Location Tracking System

Leverage the power of live location intelligence by efficiently tracking field employees’ locations to increase your service team’s response time

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The Best Field Employee Location Tracking System

Elevate your field service operations with our cutting-edge field employee location tracking software system. Gain a strategic advantage by incorporating real-time collaboration and mobile accessibility into your workflow. Our advanced field staff location tracking software allows you to perform service team location tracking or field team location tracking and improves your field service goals and business productivity. The location tracking system is essential for the growth of every field service business and organization to increase workforce efficiency. Seamlessly automate tasks, integrate location tracking for streamlined workflows, and reduce manual efforts significantly.

Minimize Downtime With Field employee tracking app

Keep an eye on your employee’s live location, optimize service routes and assign a job to the technician nearest to the client location to ensure real-time work progress, timely completion of tasks, and instant notification for any deviations from the planned routes with Easy Field Services Mobile App.

Increase Service Efficiency With Quick Scheduling

Find the nearest staff to your client location and assign the work order to fix client issues faster. Avoid technician idle time by providing the exact live location of your clients with an employee GPS tracking system to improve your overall service.

Avoid Frequent Calls for High Service Productivity

Improve your technician service productivity by monitoring each movement of your technicians. Avoid constant calls to your field employees to increase service response time, smooth service workflow and optimal resource management.

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Empower your team to access crucial information such as work orders, customer details, and real-time updates

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Equip your team with instant access to work orders, customer information, and job updates from their mobile device.

Track Real Time Location of Your Field Workforce

Equip your service business with Easy Field Services’ cutting-edge location tracking app. Experience seamless live tracking capabilities, coupled with the advantages of geo-tagging, geo-fencing, and route optimization.

  • Effortlessly manage and optimize your field workforce with enhanced dispatching functionalities and a user-friendly mobile app.
  • Monitor work hours in real-time, ensuring precision and reliability with a visual order and control dashboard using web and mobile applications.
  • Equip your technicians with client addresses, location-specific details. Automate the operations workflow by Creating work orders based on places, people, and time.
  • Bid farewell to surprise check-ins. Receive accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) alerts to keep you informed.
Field Service optimization app
Field Service optimization app

Experience Geo-Fencing Efficient Workflows

Geo-fencing enforced workflows, combined with a mobile workforce management system, simplify the monitoring of employees’ work hours and locations. Upon entering the geo-fenced area, Easy Field Services tracks location traveled time.

  • Create unlimited client-fenced areas tailored to different shifts, and jobs. Track employee, asset, and customer services in the user-friendly mobile app.
  • Gain a visual overview of employee location, assets, activities, job status, customer service, and positions with an interactive mobile workforce management system.
  • Create custom geofenced tags and efficiently manage service requests on the go for smooth and timely workflows.
  • Implement comprehensive reporting features within geofenced areas to track performance metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Stay Informed On Your Technicians’ Activities

Monitor the activities of your field technicians by utilizing GPS tracking to precisely determine their work locations and schedules. Reporting tools and a real-time map display offer comprehensive insights into current positions of your field service teams.

Field Service optimization app
Cost saving on fuel
Route optimization
Faster Service Dispatching
Cost saving on fuel
Field Service optimization app

Plan service Jobs in Remote Places

Our employee location tracking feature is designed to monitor your service team’s whereabouts, even in remote locations, utilizing the built-in GPS functionality.  The Field employee tracking app will lead to higher employee engagement.

  • The Easy Field Services location tracking software tracks your field workforce even in remote locations using the device’s built-in GPS,

  • Operates efficiently in areas even with limited connectivity including location tracking information, and synchronizes once cellular reception is restored.
  • Leverage map-based job planning with satellite photos and street maps, offering driving directions and precise job locations.
  • Every data point captured in the field is marked with the GPS location, along with the date and time of the update, ensuring accuracy and accountability.

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