Field Employee Location Tracking Software

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Field Employee Tracking App and Software

The Benefits of employee GPS Tracking Software Are Endless

Field staff location tracking software allows you to perform service team location tracking or sales team location tracking and improve your sales goals and business productivity. The location tracking system is essential for every field services business to organization growth. EFS live location tracking app is for employee tracking purposes but also helps lots for entire business operations.

Field employee tracking app

Managers can track employee live location, find the best customer spot, route optimization, schedule job to the nearest one, and much more location-based operations on EFS’s field employee tracking app.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Track employee, asset, and customer services in the user-friendly mobile app.

Mobile workforce management system helps you track employee live location, asset, activities, job status, customer services, and everything under comes in field business.

A visual order and control dashboard can be easily accessed using the web and in the mobile application. Automate Operations Workflow by Creating work orders based on places, people, and time.

Boost Employee’s Performance:

The Field employee tracking app will be transparent in your organization, increasing employee engagement, higher quality, speed, and efficient customer services. There is nothing better than a tracking system to improve field team performance.

Track Day’s Traveled Path, Traveled time, Kilometres, and analyze employee performance in a simple dashboard.

Geo-fencing Attendance Management System

An advanced time management system with geofencing functionality, which helps track your field employee attendance in real-time.

Are you struggling with the attendance management process? EFS Geo-fencing attendance software simplifies your organization’s attendance management process with a simple login logout feature.

Using this app, the manager can see field staff punch attendance and location, working hours, verify daily tasks assigned to them, completion status, and much more.

Field Employee Live Location
Tracking Software

Track and manage field employees effectively

Schedule a job to the nearest one

Find the nearest staff to your customer location and assign the word order to fix customer issues faster.

Error-free employee GPS tracking software helps managers track field employee exact live location, and it will be a side force to do the following job immediately.

No need to call the driver frequently

GPS tracking keeps your business on top of things by enabling you to follow each movement of your field business. A live employee GPS tracking system reduces the difficulty of continually calling the field employee to find where they have located.

Benefits of our field employee tracking app and software

Cost saving on fuel
Increased efficiency
Productivity Increased

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