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Want to sell more of your top and new products? Wow customers with exceptional service?. With Easy Field Services Field field sales software, you can connect your field reps with the office and management via real-time data and live maps. Align your teams to streamline sales operations and enjoy automatic analytics to win more., Automate your traditional field sales tasks such as data entry and keeping track of leads and be more connected with both customers and vendors while at the same time freeing up valuable time and track your sales rep progress, schedule appointments and track their daily visits and door knocks to increase sales volume

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In the sales field, the transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives the tangible or intangible goods, services, or assets in exchange for money. This work can also be done in the form of field sales management. To make the work more efficient for scheduling, assigning, tracking our application, Field Service Management is used.

Scheduling workers

In the sales field, for sales promotion, your company will allow the sales representative to promote or sell the products.

In our Field Service Management application, in sales, the work manager can schedule the task for the salesperson based on the area or the client’s requirement.

Schedule appointments for sales representatives based on real-time factors such as client availability, ensuring optimal use of time and resources.

Utilize the Field Service Management application to prioritize sales tasks based on urgency, client importance, or specific business objectives.

Define service tasks

 In sales management, the Field Service Management application will empower the field sale representatives across verticals to improve sales productivity, enhance performance, and reduce turnover time with a mobile-friendly.

Using this application, the sales manager can describe the sales job and client information, it may be a customer, retailer, wholesaler, etc.,

Tailor task assignments within the Field Service Management application to align with individual sales representatives’ strengths and expertise.

Sales managers and representatives can collaboratively plan and organize tasks, ensuring that each team member’s insights and expertise contribute to effective task execution.

GPS Accessibility

In sales management, the leading role of the sales representative is to work in the field site which enhances managerial oversight and allows sales representatives to efficiently navigate their assigned territories.

In our FSM application, there is a tracking option for the manager and the sales representatives. While assigning the task, the location will be shared by the field manager with the sales rep.

The GPS accessibility in our FSM application includes route optimization capabilities. Sales representatives can leverage this feature to identify the most time-efficient paths to client locations.

The FSM application logs location history for both the manager and sales representatives. This data serves as a valuable resource for performance analysis, allowing managers to assess the efficiency of field visits, and identify optimal routes.

Attendance Sheet

In this management field, the salesman will track the location using GPS technology. In our sales field management software, salesmen utilize GPS technology to track their location, ensuring accurate and real-time information on their whereabouts during field activities.

Once the employee enters the area, the geo-fencing gets enabled to allow for accurate reporting of their presence and working hours at the specific site. This precision enhances the reliability of attendance records.

If the employee is on leave, a reason will be conveyed by the employee and sent to the manager for approval.

The GPS technology in our management field enables automatic check-in and check-out notifications. When the salesman enters the designated area, the system sends a notification confirming their presence.

Report Review

The sales rep on the field should report their work to the head manager—our FSM application can share the images, folders, customer fields, feedback, activities, videos.

Field Managers can access and analyze past reports, images, feedback, and activities of sales professionals. This historical perspective provides valuable insights into the evolution of field activities.

Managers can instantly relay any changes or additional instructions related to the ongoing field activities to ensure sales representatives receive real-time updates, enabling them to adapt quickly to evolving requirements.

Field managers can engage in direct and instant communication with sales representatives within the application to inform any service instructions.

Communication Block

Here every department will work with the individual team. Everyone can communicate by one-to-one order or one-to-many orders by using our Field Service Management.

Enable dedicated communication channels for each department within the Communication Block to collaborate seamlessly on department-specific tasks, projects, and updates.

Include an integrated calendar and scheduling tool within the communication block to streamline the coordination of sales meetings, presentations, and follow-ups, allowing teams to efficiently plan and organize their schedules.

Get a task progress tracking feature with easy field services to update and monitor the progress of individual tasks in real time. It provides visibility into task completion, milestones achieved, and any potential bottlenecks,

Manage Expenses

Relevant compensations like travel allowances, fuel reimbursement, accommodations, food charges, equipment changes, or servicing off-site will be allocated based on their expenses.

Ensures accuracy in reimbursement calculations with automated expense allocation for both field employees and finance departments to manage expense-related transactions efficiently.

Utilize real-time budget monitoring features within the software to effectively track allocated budgets for different expense categories.

Get constant updates over your financial allocations, enabling proactive decision-making, timely adjustments, and precise control over expenditures

Mobile Accessibility

While using our application in the sales field, it will be more flexible to use our application to schedule the task with the salesperson, update the work status, and find the client’s route in the real-time application.

Utilize the mobile application as an instant communication hub for sales teams. Enable real-time communication, facilitating quick updates, feedback, and collaboration among team members irrespective of their physical location.

Integrate geolocation services into the mobile application to assist your field salespersons in navigating to client locations efficiently. By providing real-time maps and route guidance.

Enable salespersons to easily input and update client information, capture leads, and record key interactions on the field, ensure accurate client data, and facilitate the efficient nurturing of leads.

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