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Manage all activities of field technicians, such as scheduling and assignments while tracking the availability of equipment, parts, and tools – all in a single field services management software designed specifically for oilfield services.

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The ever-fluctuating nature of the Oil & Gas industry means you need more than just an edge to contend in a competitive market. You need the right oil and gas field service management software solution and capabilities to increase your service profits wherever e you can. With accurate documentation, scheduling and route optimization capabilities as well as GPS-based crew tracking, Easy Field Services helps you be proactive with up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips and make your field businesses to reduce costs and increase oilfield operational efficiency in an unified field service management platform.

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Technician Safety

Allow your plumbers to create and follow customized checklists based on the specific requirements of different plumbing jobs and ensures consistency in service quality and helps plumbers cover all necessary aspects of the job. 

Lack of Knowledge 

Losing experienced people from your workforce will create a loss of collective knowledge, and a new generation of workers will be challenged with quickly gaining on-the-job experience. With Easy Field Services, share knowledge among your technicians with detailed service instructions.

Asset Visibility

Get real-time visibility into the condition of assets, facilitating proactive maintenance. Ensure that your equipment is in peak condition, reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns, and higher first time fix rate. 

Task Management

Effectively manage pending tasks by leveraging real-time insights from Easy Field Services.Track the allotted, pending and completed percentages of tasks with precision using Easy Field Services. 

Connecting Oilfield and Office Operations 

Through Comprehensive Field Service Solutions

Field Service Scheduling Software

Minimize Downtime and Maximize Resource Efficiency With Easy Field Services

How Easy Field Services Can Transform Your Oil Field Service Business

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With Everything They Need To Achieve Superior Service Excellence  

Metrics-Driven Approach

Leverage advanced metrics for a more efficient oil and gas sector operation. Keep a close eye on the completion of your work orders and jobs within specified time periods, meticulously filtered by date and your team’s performance. 

Boost Service Revenue

Unplanned downtime is a costly challenge in the oil and gas industry, potentially costing millions per hour. Implement Easy Field Services Software to not only prevent costly equipment breakdowns but also to track the revenue and profit generated by you, your clients, or specific services. 

Efficient Task Allocation

Optimize task allocation and completion through comprehensive metrics. Track the number of tasks allocated to your technicians, monitor pending tasks, calculate completion percentages, and assess the time taken for each task. 

First-Time Fix Rate Excellence

Prioritize your field technicians safety and reduce hazardous exposure by focusing on first-time fix rates. Measure your field team efficiency in resolving issues on their initial visit, thereby minimizing the need for subsequent visits.

Empower Remote Technicians

Address the complexity of field service in the oil and gas industry by equipping your technicians with capabilities. This feature ensures uninterrupted productivity, especially in remote locations. 

Navigating Your Worker Behavior

As the industry experiences a collision between old and new generations of technicians, maintain visibility and accurate recordkeeping. Implement metrics to measure the shift in your worker behaviors, including the first-time fix rate.

Here Is What Easy Field Services

Oil and Gas Software Can Do For Your Field Technicians


Effectively Schedule Service Orders

  • In the oil and gas industry, the senior officer can schedule the jobs based on their corresponding field worker availability.
  • Optimize your resource allocation by considering factors such as skill sets, certifications, and geographic proximity, ensuring that each job is assigned to the most qualified and geographically convenient field worker.

  • Our field service management application will help in scheduling jobs for a large workforce working across various sites in different roles.
  • Utilizing the field service management application in the oil and gas industry enables field service managers to efficiently organize job schedules by aligning them with the availability of field workers.

Dispatch Right Resources for Orders

  • Maintenance and dispatching processes in the Oil and Gas industry by manual is not an easy job. This end to end field service software enables you to manage the dispatching process and ensure all tools and equipment are maintained.
  • So you can check the availability and assign a job to the right field technician with the right equipment. Improves productivity in your oil and gas field operations with easy and accurate dispatch software.
  • Additionally, the Oil & Gas Field Dispatch Software offers advanced scheduling capabilities, allowing for the efficient planning of preventive maintenance tasks and inspections.
  • With a comprehensive reporting and analytics dashboard field managers can gain insights into technician performance metrics, track maintenance trends, and optimize resource allocation.

Keep Track Field Technician Presence

  • In the oil and gas industry, where field and non-field work is prevalent, manual attendance tracking becomes a logistical challenge, emphasizing the need for a more efficient and automated solution.
  • Workers can enroll their presence by sharing their live location with their head office, ensuring real-time visibility and accountability in field operations for enhanced coordination and safety.
  • In case there is an emergency to take leave, it can be reported by the status using our Field Service Management Application, enabling swift and transparent communication between field employees and field managers.
  • This data-driven approach streamlines workforce management and equip decision-makers with valuable information to optimize scheduling, resource allocation, and overall operational efficiency in the dynamic oil and gas industry.

Here is How Easy Field Services Create Value for Field Managers By Automate Field Operations

Better Tracking

In Oil and Gas companies, midstream plays a significant role in shipping, storing the energies in an in-shore or off-shore business. With Easy Field Service, field tracking software field businesses can accurately track and route optimize  capabilities as well as GPS-based crew tracking. 

Field Expenses

Relevant compensations like travel allowances, fuel reimbursement, accommodations, food charges, equipment changes, or servicing off-site will be allocated based on their expenses. Workers will share the details in the application, which can be claimed from the senior head engineers.

Chat With Teams

Using the Field Service Management application, the head field officer can share their information in a standard or one-to-one sharing. Without any manual works, information related to the fields can be shared by the workers in the way of images, videos, etc.,

Notice Board

Our Field Service Management application has been designed with the notice board to display any standard information, abstract, or upcoming oil and gas agencies facilitating instant updates on safety protocols to ensure your field personnel stays well-informed.

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