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The Easy Field Services mobile app enables field technician to access all necessary service information specified to different service task right from client details to service allowance everything will be easily handle through EFS mobile. In just a few simple steps, field service professionals can easily submit leave and permission applications and access service allowances. Begin by logging in with your registered mobile number and password, then navigate to upcoming tasks. Check service task details by selecting a specific client, and reviewing allotted time, client details, and address. Once cleared with a service request select accept or decline. The accepted tasks will be moved to in progress tab and new tasks will be in the upcoming tab.

Step 1 – Login to Easy Field Services mobile app with a registered mobile number and password

Step 2 – At the top of the home screen select upcoming tasks 

Step 3 – Select a particular client name to view the task description

Step 4 – Go through the details of the assigned tasks such as allotted time, client name and address 

Step 4 – Once clear with the task details select accept or decline  

Step 5 – The accepted tasks will now be moved to in-progress task

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