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Easy field service leave management system is designed to manager leave in field service businesses for both field staff and technician, for technician dedicated mobile app designed to request for a leave. This user-friendly system simplifies the leave application process for field technicians so that field staff can apply for leave with all necessary information namely leave type, reason, and duration. Through Easy Field Service desktop version field managers can easily monitor all service technicians’ leave at a single dashboard and approve and reject leave as well.

Step 1 – Click more at the bottom of the EFS mobile app

Step 2 – Select leave to apply

Step 3 – Navigate to pending, approved, and rejected to check the status of previous leave applied 

Step 4 – Click on plus icon at bottom of the page to create leave application

Step 4 – Select leave type from a drop-down for example sick leave, family and medical

Step 5 – Type a brief reason for a leave as per chosen leave 

Step 6 – Select duration type of a leave namely “Permission, Single Day, Multiple Day” 

  • To apply for permission select date from a calendar and from time, to time
  • To apply for a single day select date from a calendar 
  • To apply for multiple days select from date and to date from a calendar

Step 7 –  Review every information and click submit to apply for leave 

Step 8 – Applied leave will reflect in pending leave

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