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A work order in field service businesses is a core component for a service business as it is directly proportional to client satisfaction. At its core, this system involves the meticulous creation, assignment, and oversight of service requests, ensuring that service requests are well executed by the field service team. By strategically coordinating work orders, field service businesses can achieve a delicate balance between meeting client needs effectively and achieving a high client retention rate. With easy field services service managers can create work orders in the following two ways.

          It is a completely new service order that is not associated with any existing quotation from your client, 

  • Order against quotation

A service order that is created based on an existing order. To create a service work order 

Below step by step-by-step guide that explains how to create, delete and edit work orders for your field service businesses. 

Create Work Orders

Step 1: Navigate to the Order Create Page

To navigate to the order creation page, click on the orders drop-down in the left-hand side menu

Step 2: Select the Order Type

Select Create Order from the order drop-down and choose between a direct order or an order against a quotation.

Step 3: Enter the Client Information

Once selected the order type, enter the client information, this includes the client’s name, address, phone number, and due date.

Click here to learn how to create new client

Step 4: Enter the Job Information

Next, enter the service job information, which includes job type, task, location, visiting charge, estimation and description.

Type: Select the type of job from the drop-down list. 

Refer to this page for details.

Task: Select the specific task from the drop-down menu that corresponds to the job type. 

Refer to this page for details.

Location: Enter the job location and use the ‘same as client location’ checkbox if applicable.

Visiting Charge: Select whether the visiting charge is chargeable or free.

Estimation: Choose whether to create a job estimation and provide the estimated cost if applicable.Description: Edit the existing job description according to your client’s needs

Step 5: Add Parts

Add parts that are associated with the job. To add a part, click on the parts drop-down and select the necessary parts.

Refer to this page for details.

Step 6: Add Expenses

To add an expense, click on the expenses drop-down and select multiple expenses relevant to the job.

Refer to this page for details

Step 7: Save or Save and Assign

Click the save button to save the orders as a draft or save and assign a button to allocate tasks to a technician

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