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A field service staff management dashboard coordinates every service technician across different geographies within a single dashboard. The dashboard gives a real-time view of every staff member’s personal details including roles, skills, contacts, address, email and city. With all this information field service business owners can successfully assign specific technicians for specific tasks with the right skill set. The below comprehensive steps explain how to create and manage staff with relevant skill sets with easy field services. A staff creation process consists of the following steps. First, create a role of a service technician based on their expertise, then create relevant skills as per each role for example a skill for an HVAC service technician could be thermostat calibration, and finally create new staff for your field service business operations.

Create Staff Role

Step 1 – Navigate to the job create under the jobs dropdown and select a role

Step 2 – Enter role of a technician namely pipe fitters, plumbers etc under roles and select submit

Step 3 – Once created role go to skills and select a specific role from a roles dropdown and enter relevant skills as per role

Create New Staff

Step 1: Access the staff page through the menu to initiate the creation of a new staff member.

Step 2: Locate the create staff button in a staff drop down menu to add a new staff

Step 3: Enter all necessary staff information such as ID no, Name, Location and Mail ID

Step 4: Input additional information such as City, and Zip code of a staff member.

Step 5: Choose the staff member’s role from the dropdown menu such as Electrician, Engineer, Plumber

Step 6: Review all the information and click submit to create a new staff

Step 7:  Once created a staff  monitor all your staff under a list menu

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