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In a new service work order, parts required to complete each service order need to be selected from the parts drop-down menu but before that, each tool and part that are required to complete a different service work order needs to be created separately under services and parts menu to ensure technicians that required parts are readily available for a selection based on different fields service work orders. With this below step-by-step create new service parts to complete a new work order and manage existing service parts in a unified dashboard.

Create New Service Parts

Step 1: Navigate to the parts dropdown under settings and select Create

Step 2: Tap add parts to create multiple service parts at once as per need

Step 3: Begin by entering the name of the various service parts in a descriptive and easily recognisable way, example – Pipe reamers

Step 4: Input a quantity of each part that are required to complete one service order

Step 4: Define the rate or cost of each part. This represents the cost of one unit of a part before taxes

Step 5: Enter the tax percentage applicable to a part. Check the total cost of each service part including with tax rate

Step 6: Review all the information and click submit to add a new part

Step 7: Monitor all parts details under a list from the parts drop-down menu.

Step 8: Navigate to the pencil icon on a parts list page to edit existing parts and click update

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