Overview of Easy Field Services Management Software

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Easy Field Services is a cloud-based field service management application available for both mobile and desktop devices. The software is designed to manage the entire field service management process involved in field service businesses right from service order creation to invoice collection all the service processes are automated. With easy field services users can effectively manage all field service operations under a unified platform such as work orders, employee and client management, real-time location tracking, scheduling and dispatching, attendance tracking, expense management, and tools management through an intuitive dashboard to avoid service idle time. The software caters to businesses of all sizes engaged in field service activities namely maintenance, repair, or installation services, etc with both desktop and mobile versions. A desktop version is specifically designed for service managers and business owners to manage client, service, and technician information, whereas the mobile version is for technicians to get notified of new service tasks with all necessary information right from client name, address, task to be performed, etc with tools management, allowances claims, leave and permission requests as an additional feature.

Why Easy Field Services?

When considering a field service management solution, Easy Field Services stands out as a superior choice, offering a range of features designed to optimize field service operations right from service scheduling to work orders. As a field service management solution, Easy Field Services isn’t just about streamlining processes, it’s about driving measurable results. With this field service businesses can easily achieve key performance indicators such as an impressive less servie idle time. Its comprehensive features streamline day-to-day operations and contribute to a positive bottom line, making it a strategic investment for those aiming for sustained growth and excellence in the field service industry. Irrespective of the size of the service team, geographical expanse, employee types, or services provided easy field service management software will be the right choice to fast-track field service business to greater success.

Increased First-Time Fix Rate

FSM software enables technicians to access relevant information and resources on-site, leading to a higher likelihood of resolving issues on the first visit. Reduced need for follow-up visits to achieve a higher first-time fixed rate

Scalability and Customization

Adapt to the changing needs of the field service landscape with easy field service management software and the size of the business. Whether in plumbing, construction, or electrical the software can be tailored to align with industry-specific requirements, ensuring a versatile and adaptable solution for businesses of all kinds.

Performance Analytics and Reporting

The dynamic mobile app provides insights into key performance indicators, such as mean time to repair, and the total task accomplished to achieve continuous service improvements.

Real-Time Tracking and Visibility

GPS tracking and real-time updates provide visibility into the location and status of field service teams. Managers can monitor ongoing tasks, track progress, and make informed decisions based on up-to-date information.

Field Employee Management

Coordinate every service technician under a single dashboard, and assign tasks based on skill, role, city, and proximity to service location to reduce average service time.

Client Management

Create and manage clients with all necessary information right from location to phone number. Equip field technicians with the right client information to avoid service delays.

Work Order Management

Manage entire service work orders from creation to execution, effectively utilize service resources to accomplish service orders with precision, and ensure smooth service workflow from initiation to completion.

Inventory Management

Keep a count on different service equipment needs to complete service orders to maintain higher equipment uptime. Create new service parts and edit existing parts as per different service dynamics.

Expense Management

Add various service expenses associated with a specific order, and instantly get the total expenses incurred on an order. Easily attach expense bills to client service allowances

FSM Mobile App

Keep field technicians informed about new service orders with a notification. Get the client’s signature for service completion, add service expenses, and apply for leave without any hassles.

Leave Management

Simplify the leave application process for field technicians so that field staff can apply for leave with all necessary information without any hassles, and accept, and approve a field staff leave with a single click.

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