Seal Security implements an Easy Field Service Software for better efficiency and meets the client’s maximum satisfaction.


    Seal Security brings one of the leading security companies in Auckland. These security services will provide quality and efficient security services. Services provided by the company will meet the maximum satisfaction of all their clients. Services can be given as static service, property guarding, event security, mobile patrols. Based on their services, they need to increase efficiency and engage with the people for their safety and wellbeing.


    Using the Easy Field Service, we can enhance the security services for reliable and the best security companies from anywhere and nearby, providing the safest security services. This application will get more impact in scheduling the services quickly and get a one-stop solution for those trying to get the security services throughout New Zealand.



    Seal security guard service is trained to notice all details regularly and take prompt action to minimize the enormous consumption of time to schedule the task, assign the task, and get the employee’s report. As per the company’s expectation, there is an exact solution to overcome this problem in the Easy Field Service.



    Here Easy Field service will lead the work to be completed efficiently, and time is consumed. A client can request the company based on the security service requirement needed instantly, and Easy Field Service will provide a reliable service to the customer.


    In case a client or business owner needs static security service, the customer will request our company to provide a security guard for the houses and offices.


    Once our company received the request, security guards availability and who is nearby the client’s place. After the security guard receives the company’s task allocation message, they will accept it and move towards the client location by tracking the location of the customer.

    If it is a property guardian-related security, they will provide security to the client-related property that they need to the security guard.

    If it is event security, the service will be provided by the security to the significant events, stadiums, arenas, function centres. After the security guard reaches the place, they will enable their attendance by geofencing technology using the Easy Field Service application.

    If there are any issues, they can easily convey them to their company. All the security guard employees and a standard notice board is attached with the application to convey the information from the company side. Expenses carried out by the security guard during the service will be listed to the seal security company, and later the company will claim them.


    • The reporting system for the security field.
    • Retain the service after the client left the place.
    • Accurate to the time to secure guard the property, events, etc.,
    • Communication with the on-field workforce.
    • We are tracing the work and the employee process up-to-date.