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Field Service Management offers an all-in-one solution for scheduling, assigning, attendance tracking, expense claiming, and reporting for our electrical services. This software will enhance our company’s efficiency and contribute to profitability through effective electrical service management software.

Scheduling Well Organised Services

Scheduling Task

The field service management application enables managers to schedule electric workers or technicians for troubleshooting tasks. Workers are scheduled based on their availability, considering the various tasks such as troubleshooting and replacing electrical appliances with new electronic items.

Optimizing About The Task Work

Assigning Task

In the FSM application, the manager assigns tasks to technicians after understanding the client’s service needs. Tasks are assigned to workers who are near the client.

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electrician location tracking

Finding Out The Client Location

Tracking of the Location

While assigning the job to the electrical technician, the client provides the address to the manager. Once the task is allocated to the technician, they can easily track the client’s location using GPS technology, reducing the time spent searching for the location.

Durability Of Your Presence At Work Place

Attendance Ledger

Electrical services primarily involve field management work, requiring workers to move to client locations for service provision. Geo-fencing technology is employed to mark the presence and absence of the worker on-site. This technology calculates the working hours of the technician in the field.

The Efficient Field Service Management Software For Electrician

elaectrician leave management software

Permission For Leave Status

Leave Management

In cases of emergency leave for electrical work, workers must inform the manager of their leave status and seek approval. If the manager approves the leave, the worker can take the leave. The admin is responsible for maintaining the leave management report.

Exchanging Info via Application

Expenses Claim

Materials related to electrical works, such as wires, switch boxes, pipes, coils, fuel costs, and food expenses, will be reported to the manager and later claimed from the company. The manager will maintain the expense report using the Field Service Management software.

electrician expense management software
internal communication in an electrical service company

Conversation Begins Here

Team Chatting

In electrical work, there is a need for occasional assistance and support in exchanging information. Our application provides the facility to interchange messages, images, videos, and share content related to electrical services among all members of the organization.

Common Pin-Board

Notice Board

The FSM application enables the company to share general information or important announcements with all its members.

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