Ezy Cash for Cars provides a better service enclosed with the Easy Field Service to have multiple clients at a time.


    Ezy Cash for cars is a leading car Wreckers in Brisbane offering cash value for old cars, used cars, scrap cars, accident cars, damaged cars, and unwanted cars. The dealers are mostly covered in Brisbane Northside and Southside and provided a complete solution to those looking for quick cash for the cars.


    Here fill out our free online form, and they will be at the place as soon as possible to remove the cars in any condition. But in some cases, the time taken for this procedure is too high, so they choose Easy Field Service for their better work efficiency and profitability. Automatically the work can be scheduled, and the task is assigned. Once the client requested to tow their car, the company will schedule the workers to tow the car from the client’s place.


    Easy Field Service has approached their client to understand their requirements and recommend using this application, an easy-to-use, configurable, and integrated application. This application will provide the end-customer with insights by improving the utilization of the service. The work can be scheduled, and the task is assigned to the workers to enhance the services faster.


    Ezy Cash for Cars utilizes the application where if any client’s car needs to be sold or the vehicle has been junked, they will contact Ezy cash with all the details and conditions of the vehicle. The company will schedule the work for the employee to tow the car from the client’s location. The task will be allocated to the employee near the client’s place to reduce the travel time.

    The employee will accept the task and move to the client’s location by using the tracking facility in the application and checking the car’s condition. Further details will be discussed with the client and reported to the company using the chat with a team option. Images and videos of the vehicle can also be shared with the team using this application. Once the car is taken from the client’s place, it will be reported to the company by Easy Field Service. Expenses carried out in the field by the employee will be reported to the Ezy cash for cars.


    • Improved service efficiency where the application can schedule more service work for individuals at a time.
    • Easier work allocation for Ezy cash for cars to allocate the work to the employee.
    • Reduced travel time and travelling allowance are also minimized.
    • Method of tracking the location to enrol their attendance.
    • Expenses entries are made on the application, which can be claimed later.